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Ever wondered what is going on inside our bodies, inside our cells? 

Diving deep into biology, let's explore!

Hello 👋 

My name is Gamze Bulut. I am originally from Antalya, Turkey. I studied Molecular Biology and Genetics at Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey. I came to the USA in 2008 for my PhD studies at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, TX.


  • In Dr. Lily Huang’s laboratory, I worked on Cell Biology of red blood cells and how our bodies regulate the signaling pathways required for generating the right number of erythrocytes.

  • In my post graduate work, I investigated how alternative splicing impacts lung inflammation/cancer under Dr. Charles Chalfant’s supervision at Virginia Commonwealth University.

  • In Dr. Gary K. Owens’s laboratory, I studied perivascular plasticity and adipose tissue inflammation upon diet induced obesity.

  • In 2021, I worked as a Research Associate in Dr. Judith Voynow's team at VCU, Pediatrics trying to understand how neutrophil elastase impairs macrophage function using human blood monocyte derived macrophages. 

  • I worked as a Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor at the College of William and Mary, Department of Biology. I taught 'Molecular Cell Biology (BIOL 310)' and 'Diseases and Cures of the 2020s (BIOL 460)', Cell Biology Labs (BIOL 404). I also had an active research group and a wonderful team of Teaching Assistants. Explore other links to see what we have done in classes to have fun. 

  • I am going back to VCU as a Research Scientist to work for Dr. David Turner and Dr. Victoria Findlay in the Massey Cancer Center. Stay tuned for research updates!

Fell free to reach out to me with any questions and feedback.

Have a wonderful day 💐

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