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Molecular Cell Biology!

Molecular Cell Biology

I have been teaching two sections of the Molecular Cell Biology (BIOL310). The sections meet on MWF for 50 minute lectures.

We are using Lodish et al 2021, 9th edition as our text book.

This is an intense class but we are trying to use small group games and in class activities to make learning easier. Check out the "Photos and Fun" tab to see how it looks :) 👍

Cell Biology Labs

I am really enjoying teaching the BIOL 404 Cell Biology labs. This is an advanced level lab course, introducing commonly used Molecular Biology methods. The initial part focuses on DNA related experiments, the later part focuses on proteins and we use the pGLO-GFP system as a model. 

Diseases and Cures of 2020s

I am also teaching the COLL 400: BIOL 460 course: Diseases and Cures of the 2020s.

This is a friendly journal club type discussion course. We have each student present a topic of their choice, among a list of possible topics. Each student leads a journal club discussion in one class and also provide a summary of relevant scientific literature in another class. 

Since this is a COLL 400 class, there is also a writing requirement which is the natural outcome of our semester long research efforts in trying to understand a disease or cure. The goal is to gain experience in reading, synthesizing and expressing our understanding of complex biomedical literature. 

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences related to the subjects in the course 🤗

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